Convicted sex offender, Eugene Melendres Ramos was arrested for sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a Dollar Tree store in Union City, California. According to KTVU.com, some good Samaritans in the store helped prevent the attack and apprehend the suspect.

The girl had her pants and diaper removed and was being straddled by Ramos, who had pulled his pants and underwear down and was sexually assaulting her, according to police.

Ramos fled the store on foot and was chased by the grandmother, aunt, and several customers. A solicitor in front of the store also gave chase when he exited the building and tackled him, police said.

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A BART police officer who happened to be nearby was flagged down by the small group holding Ramos down.

“I ran after them,” said Good Samaritan Demario Hawkins. “I chased them nine stores down. I finally caught him by the shirt.”

Bystander Sammy Johnson helped Hawkins pin down Ramos until police arrived.

“I just tackled him and sat on him and dialed 911,” said Johnson.

Police arrested Ramos for sexual assault, forcible rape, and kidnapping. Hawkins and Johnson were recognized for the heroism by police Thursday afternoon in city council chambers.

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