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Dear Michael Steele,

You are in between a rock in a hard place. You seem to talk one way to Black people and another to your Republican colleagues. Do you really think white Republicans are scared of you? It seems like you are more scared of white Republicans. When you called Rush Limbaugh an ugly, incendiary voice, you apologized promptly. So while the GOP might not be scared of you, you are definitely scared of Rush Limbaugh.

It seems to me that both white Republicans and the African American community seem to view you as a joke. Why do you think Republicans scared of you? Is it because your Black? Why do you feel the need to tell them that your on their side? Shouldn’t they already know that considering you’re the head of the RNC.

Since you’re the head of the RNC, why don’t you do anything about the pattern of racist emails and Facebook scandals your party keeps getting into? When you say change comes in a teabag, are you aware of the racism and ugly Anti-Obama sentiment that comes from these rallies.

Your use of slang makes you more of an outdated stereotype than someone who is in touch with Black culture. Black people aren’t stupid. You can’t just say “what’s up, I’m in the heezy” and just get them to vote for your party. Clearly both Obama and Michelle Bachman seem to treat your use of slang as a joke.

Black people will not become Republicans just because you change the name of the RNC’s blog to “What Up.” That is the name of teen Black pop magazine from the eighties. This just makes it look like you are patronizing the African American community and making the GOP look silly.

The problem with the GOP is not its lack of Black figureheads and the use of slang. The GOP has long written off Black voters and has used Black people as scapegoats to get white votes. They have voted against the interests of African Americans, whether it be affirmative action, funding inner city schools, or social programs.

When you stand up for Joe Wilson after he disrespects the President of the USA during a speech, you are aligning yourself with a man with a very strong history of racism against the first Black president.

Colin Powell is a Black republican who I respect. A man who isn’t scared to speak out against Rush Limbaugh and GOP racism. You on the other hand seem to be more of a tool of the GOP racists who only represents your people and culture with slang that no one over 40 (or under) should use.

Sincerely Casey Gane-McCalla