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When Dick Gregory once decried “America’s habit of freaking out over bold acts of outrageous lawlessness,” he didn’t have to add as long as its white people that are committing those acts.

He didn’t have to.

We know Mr. Gregory. His omissions speak as loud as his words.

And look at us now.

We have freaked out.

And, just like we always do when a white person does something absolutely shocking, violent, and criminally absurd, we wanna get to the bottom of it.

We wanna know the motivations for it.

We wanna get inside the head of the man or woman that committed the atrocity.

We wanna figure out what made them go off the deep end.

What made them lose it.

What makes them tick.

Like the great BumpCity says, it’s sufficient to label a Black person “an animal” whenever one of us commits and unsavory crime, but when a white person bugs out, there are certain “factors” that need to be considered.

There’s some testing that we should do

Some numbers probably need crunching somewhere.

We’ve gotta run a study.

Jared Lee Loughner is just the man too much of America has been waiting for. Make no mistake, his is the method intended to be used by all those jobless, fatso Tea Partiers that are always crying that they need to “Take Back Our Country!”

What’s sad is that they don’t realize they still have it!

One Black President has not a Black planet or even a Black country made.

But what bothers me is that Loughner’s is not an isolated incident.

My links haven’t been working lately folks, so I’m gonna paste a url that I want the scholarly amongst ya’ll to copy and paste into your browser.


That’s a list of all the anti-government sentiment and violence that’s taken place since Barack Obama became a serious Presidential contender.

There’s over 100 of them.

During the 60’s, the extreme Left saw themselves as revolutionaries with Blacks, often as Black Panthers and members of other militant groups, frequently serving as bloody sacrificial lambs to government groups that saw us as direct representatives of anti-establishment.

Now, with the extreme Right seeing themselves as revolutionaries, the question becomes will Blacks again become bloody sacrificial lambs, though this time to fools that, because the President is a Black man, see us as direct representatives of the government?


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