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From WCHB – Victims of the Detroit serial rapist have confirmed with the Detroit 300 that during a line up at the Detroit Police Department, six out of seven victims confirmed the identity of the serial rapist. The man identified is believed to be the 31-year-old, who lived at a home on Lansdowne near Grayton that the police brought in for questioning on Wednesday January 19.

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. will meet with the Detroit 300 and the community on Thursday January 20 at 7:00 p.m. with the official announcement in this case.

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Sources of Angelo Henderson, member of the Detroit 300 and personality of AM 1200 WCHB, say that the seventh victim was not available to identify the man in the police line up.

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Recently the Detroit 300 were awarded a Testimonial Resolution by the Detroit City Council, it was there that they stated their commitment to find the serial rapist and put an end to the search.

The Detroit 300, a conglomerate of citizens, civic groups, organizations and businesses that ban together to fight and deter crime in Detroit have a one hundred percent success rate in the crimes they have taken on. The Detroit 300 was founded by Raphael B. Johnson (National TV Personality for the Maury Show/Community Activist) and Co-founded by Angelo B. Henderson (Pulitzer Prize winner/Radio Personality on AM 1200 WCHB and Minister Malik Shabazz (25 year Community Activist). The group was born out of the Detroit community’s frustration with perpetual neighborhood crimes.

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