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Testimony by: Raqiyah Mays

“You like my weave?” I usually ask this question when standing in front of someone who hasn’t seen me in months or years. Twirling my long, straight hair with one hand and patting itchy stitching with the other, I’ll smile as they stare in frozen disbelief.

“Y-you cut your dreads?” Something about this weave makes people stutter.

“Oh yeah, they’re gone,” I’ll say nonchalantly.

“All of them? I mean, are they under there somewhere?”

“Nope, I look like Celie under this hair.”

I start cracking up. They usually give an awkward laugh before saying,


Awkward silence.

“What made you do it?”

I’ll sigh, suck my teeth, and say, “It was time for a change.”

And boy, did people change…

Month #1 with The Weave. Raqiyah Mays Facebook Fanpage comment:

Kimberly says: “I cannot imagine going from natural to well…synthetic and pressing/flat ironing my hair…the look, the smells, the message… everything…No judgment…to everyone her/his walk but it will “neva” happen for me…all the best Raqiyah…”

But I didn’t do it for you, Kimberly. I did it for me. (Read More)

Excerpts from SISTAH TALK TV SHOW Original Air Date 1.8. 2011 Actress RAQIYAH MAYS, former on air radio personality for WRKS 98.7 KISS FM & WQHT HOT 97 FM talks about her change from natural hair (locs) to a weave. Moderated by DIETRA KELSEY with co host SHAWN SEYMOUR and ROBIN DOWNES. Executive Producer and Director ZAKKEE Z. STARMAN

Let us know your opinion about going from Natural hair (dread locks) to a weave in the comment box below.

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