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After her almost 30-minute Ustream video rant, “Bad Girls Club” Natalie Nunn recently sat down with and says she has no respect for Amber Rose who is a “bop.”

Here’s what she had to say:

Did you find out about him and Amber the way all the rest of us did?

Yeah! That is how I really found out, but the day after he was shooting the Black and Yellow remix video he invited me to a party, but I was sick. I did not go. But somehow Amber Rose showed up to the party all in his face and they exchanged information. So the reason I went so hard at Amber is because on Thanksgiving, I hosted a party with her in Texas and we were talking, hanging out and we exchanged phone numbers. She had been nonstop text messaging me since November 25. All of a sudden when she was in Wiz’s face and exchanging information with Wiz at that party, three weeks ago, I have not heard from her since!

Did you mention to her that you were dating Wiz?

I didn‚t have to. Everybody already knew. There were pictures all over the Internet.

At the end of the day, it‚s all good. She‚s twitpic‚n pictures with Wiz and his mom. I have pictures with Wiz and his mom backstage too, but I‚m not gonna entertain that. I can entertain a million other things because I have a voice and an outlet where in x amount of days I‚ll be back on TV. Some of these bum bitches just ain‚t doing shit except jumping on planes and chasing after niggas that got stuff going for themselves. I could not do that for Wiz. I respect him as a person, but Wiz is young. He‚s a baby in a lot of ways.

You looked hella upset during that UStream.

She sat up there text messaging me and I have all the text messages. All of her conversations, all of her trying to be, “Let’s go workout together; let’s train.” Then all of a sudden you don’t want to be woman enough to get on the phone and talk to me about the situation. Yeah, I got a problem with you, straight up. Amber needed to be a grown ass woman Œcause we all know the bitch is like 35 years old. She‚s been in the game for a cool minute. She‚s damn near pushing a whole decade of Wiz and I.

Did any one of them reach out to you after the fact?

I don‚t like to attack the female first. I ain‚t with that petty stuff Œcause real talk I‚ll just go at peoples‚ necks. It could be ugly. I don‚t care!

Physically ugly?

Nah, I don‚t need to fight her. She‚s a bop! She‚s boppin‚ right now. And if you don‚t know the definition of a bop, it‚s a hoe. Because at the end of the day, you know that I was laid up, kickin it with Wiz for well over month. For two months I had taken time out to hang out and get to know him. Just because we were hanging out doesn‚t mean somebody‚s fucking. No.

Were you waiting to take it to that level?

No, I was just chillin. I wanted to see what kind of person he was.

Do you think maybe he played you because you didn‚t wanna have sex?

It wasn‚t like that. Let me not make it seem like Wiz is a bad guy. Wiz is a sweet guy and that‚s why all of it caught me off guard. I hit him on the BBM like ŒOh, your pictures on Media Takeout are real fuckin‚ cute. You‚re kickin‚ it with Amber now?

What about if Amber hit you up right after this interview, would you hear her side?

I have no respect for her as a woman. And I don‚t care if people love Amber Rose. [She] knew and [she is] a bop.

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