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Less than 15 months after a series of missteps led to the worst offshore disaster in U.S. waters, BP will be allowed to go back to the Gulf of Mexcio as early as this summer, reports the Financial Times. The British company will be allowed to drill 10 existing wells as long as it abides by strict safety standards and grants government regulators 24-hour access to any of its deepwater wells. The company will not be allowed to drill any new exploratory wells for now. Before the plan was approved, the company had to detail exactly what it learned from last year’s disaster and the steps it will take to prevent the same things from happening again. BP could seek approval to start exploratory drilling later in the year, according to a Sunday Times report cited by the U.K. Press Association. Meanwhile, there was growing outrage over news that executives at Tansocean, the company that owned the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded in April of last year, received millions in bonuses for the company’s “best year” for safety, notes the BBC.

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 Story Compliments Of Slate.com /  The Financial Times