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(blackmediaSCOOP) DAMN! This is getting interesting. We toldya about Meredith Vieira likely leaving her gig later this year when her contract ends. She has co-hosted since 2006, when she replaced Katie Couric. Now word on the street is that MATT wants out too! Yep!

A source close to the “Today Show” tells BMS that Matt Lauer has already told his bosses at NBC that he will walk away from the show NEXT December after the elections and that’s when his contract expires.

Word is that he and KATIE COURIC want to do a syndicated show together with their old boss , Jeff Zucker (former executive producer). We told you Couric will soon leave the “CBS Evening News” and launch her own talk show with Zucker.

Now back to Vieira, she is leaving to take care of her hubby who has multiple sclerosis. She signed a 1 year deal last year after NBC begged her to stay.

No one I’m told is more happier than ABC’s Good Morning America who is HOT on the heels of the Today Show ratings wise, so this is really going to be something interesting.

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