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Anthony David has released the second single, “God Said” from his new album, As Above So Below. While BET and parent company, Viacom, have a long history of steering away from anything remotely controversial, David claims BET has been really supportive of the song and his career in general:

“I’m extremely proud of the work we did on this. We made it for the internet, but somehow it got cleared to play on BET of all places. I’m proud of them for airing it. Stephen Hill has always been a supporter of mine from the first album (I can remember seeing this guy in the front row at SOB’s singing ALL THE WORDS, and wondering who he was- it was him)…”

David, who has recently stated publicly that he’s an atheist, says he hopes the video, directed by Devaughn Hughson will spark discussion.

I’m sure there will be some disagreements. I put some of my more radical ideas in there, and there will probably be some disagreement about a few things here and there. That’s ok with me, I’m all for civil discussion and people having their own ideas. I don’t mean any harm, but they’re my ideas (and the directors- we all pitched in). There will be places to have these discussions, but mostly, I tried to stick to the unifying point, which is anti extremism and fundamentalism. I mean well by it. I encourage THOUGHT, REASON, LOVE, and RESPECT. I hope that comes across at the very least. SOURCE

Tour Dates below:

4/14 – Montgomery, AL ***

4/15 – Birmingham, AL ***

4/16 – Jacksonville, FL  ***

4/17 – Huntsville, AL ***

5/7 – Nyrobi, Kenya

5/10 – Washington, DC

5/12 – Sellersville, PA

5/13 – Annapolis, MD

5/18 – Naples, FL

6/1 – San Diego, CA

6/2 – Los Angeles, CA

6/10 – Chattanooga, TN

6/25 – Baltimore, MD

7/30 – Cleveland, OH

10/23-10/30/11 – Miami, FL

*** BET Music Matters Tour with Melanie Fiona & Marsha Ambrosius

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