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Finding truth and honesty in yourself is the hardest thing you will ever do. It is taking time to be self aware and really embrace who you are.

I am very aware as I write this of the uncertainty that life and our many failures present, and of the fear that such uncertainty about the future can bring. I understand my friends with cancer, with a loved one suffering from Parkinson’s, with fatigue, without employment, or suffering in untold other ways feel this uncertainty much more keenly than I ever could, but in the end, it is our hope in honesty  that sustains us all – our hope that even through tragedy we can triumph in life. This is our sure hope because we have the example of Jesus demonstrating how it is done.

It is his example which enables us to cast our hopes, fears and very lives every moment into God’s care.

1. Always speak the truth and you never have to worry about getting caught in a lie.

2. Revealed truth sets you free from the deception of lies.

3. Live by eternal truths and you will recognize a lie when it shows up.

4. Truth sets you free to move into your future. Lies hold you in bondage to

the past.

5. Embrace truth – reject lies – live in freedom.

This week has been filled with people embracing truth. Truth in marriage, identity and beliefs. What will you do to embrace honesty?

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