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Cleveland born. Ohio University educated. Lyrically gifted. Jesty Beatz.

Jesty Beatz has taken music by the throat and filled the silence with his unique rap style. Born in Cleveland as Darrel Greene, Jesty Beatz emerged into the music scene as a college student when he attended Ohio University. His underground popularity and countless shows around campus helped prepare him for the big stage. Not only has he been a part of multiple international tours, he has shared the stage with The Game, E 40, Sean Paul and many others. After graduating college, Jesty Beatz relocated to Los Angeles, California where he continues to make his mark on the music industry. I was happy to pick his brain with a few questions. Here’s what he had to say….

1.) How would you best describe your musical style?

Jesty Beatz: My music is a fusion of everything that I like. First an foremost as a fan of music– I make music that I enjoy listening to. That’s the secret to this whole thing.

2.) What was the worst job you ever had?

Jesty Beatz: I’ve only had one job that I’ve considered absolutely terrible. The album that I’m working on (The Plot to Save The World) is a very deep project. I spent some time volunteering with causes to help the environment. One day I had to sort through trash bins associated with yard waste. It was supposed to be lawn clippings and compost to help make free mulch that people can use to grow plants, but people abused the service and would throw things away that weren’t intended for the project. Let me tell you– I showed up for two days and never came back. The rest of my jobs were just learning experiences. Even as a janitor– I was around multimillionaires all day. I learned so much about business and human nature, that I am where I am today because of it.

3) Who is your musical inspiration?

Jesty Beatz: Prince. I own everything. All of the bootlegs, outtakes, soundboard rips… all of it.

4.) When did you discover your musical talents?

Jesty Beatz: I wrote my first song at 10. Which is common now– but not for an 80’s baby. I always had an ear for melody and counter-melody. The first melody I learned how to play was Sheila E’s “The Glamorous Life.” It came out exactly one month before I was born, so it was pretty early I guess

5.) What is the best month of the year and why?

Jesty Beatz: Probably June because of my birthday… but honestly I live in California most of the year and do what I love every day of my life… so does it really matter? Whatever month it is, that’s the best one.

6.) What makes you different from other artists?

Jesty Beatz: I’m not afraid of criticism. The arts run in my family so I grew up bring critiqued. But also I’m aware of how subjective art is. Everything isn’t for everybody.

7.) If you could tell the world one message, what would it be?

Jesty Beatz: Love thy neighbor.

8.) What’s the best kept secret about Cleveland?

Jesty Beatz: Cleveland itself. Haha but not for long. I see everyone from all the way out here and I love it! Don’t stop!

9.) Who would you love to record a track with?

Jesty Beatz: Anyone who is in that indescribable place. That place where inspiration flows and they are filled with ideas. I’m not about forcing music or doing power collabs. If you are musically free and honest– its game time. I sound like a hippie.

10.) What has been the most fulfilling experience of your life?

Jesty Beatz: I’ve been blessed to do a lot with no funding or backing. It’s been just word of mouth from the fans and a crazy drive. Its hard to narrow it down to one experience. Either going on my first tour or performing in China.

11.) What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Jesty Beatz: Chocolate Chip Cookies for the rest of my life.

12.) What is your favorite cocktail?

Jesty Beatz: I’m a notorious straight edge. I don’t drink alcohol. But the Dole fruit cocktails from when we were kids are bomb. They remind me of my dad.

13.) What is your favorite place to travel to and why?

Jesty Beatz: Athens, OH because it forever will be a place built on love and good energy.

14.) What is one thing you would like to achieve before you leave this earth?

Jesty Beatz: Convince Prince to cover a song I wrote.

15.) What can we expect from Jesty Beatz in the future?

Jesty Beatz: You can expect the future itself. The Plot to Save the World is finished. We start preliminary tour rehearsals next week. Just more art in general.

I want to thank Jesty Beatz for sitting down with me. For more on him and his music, visit jestybeatz.com or follow him on twitter @JestyBeatz

“Bindsay Bohan” by Jesty Beatz

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