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This whole post depends on a link so I’m going to post the link naked.

If it does not appear in the trademark blue of a link that you can click your cursor on as transport, copy the link and paste it in your browser.

You MUST see this Youtube.

Here’s the link:


Now, answer the question.

Did you laugh?

Did you laugh like a fool?

Were you waiting for the N-Word?

Were you pleasantly surprised when one didn’t arrive?

My favorite “Black” joke is

Q: What’s the new dictionary definition for “confusion”?

A: Father’s Day in Harlem.

But back to the Youtube: did the anti-Semitic joke almost kill you? Or was it that tomahawk chop?

Was this not the most blatantly brilliant display of pale-face racism ever demonstrated in one place?

And if you laughed—and I laughed like a maniac—that just proves one thing…you’re racist!

You secretly believe in some of those stereotypes.

You probably even agree with some.

And then you become, like me, a hypocrite.

You continually denounce something that you actually practice.

People mistakenly think that because you’re Black you’re naturally going to be sympathetic to anybody that’s oppressed.


More likely, you’re going to be so self-obsessed that you don’t even notice anybody else getting the business, or you’re actually going to be happy to see somebody else getting the business. If only as a reminder that you are, after all, a part of the human family of sufferers.

And of course, as some old Arab once said, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” which means, don’t be surprised to see the Nation of Islam locking arms with the KKK to oppose gay marriage.

But what if you’re, you know, enlightened…like I am!

How do you reconcile hating racism with actually being a racist?

You don’t, I guess.

But if comedy=tragedy+time then at some point, shouldn’t all this BS become funny?


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