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Facebook is often used as a networking tool to make valuable contacts and reconnect with old friends. Unfortunately, old friends and foes can come back to haunt you in malicious ways. We came across one particular page, ‘Columbus/All Rats’, exploiting young teens and adults who may have once trusted the individuals administrating this account. The attacks on these people are low, disgusting and down right mean. To know that with a click of a mouse the young people in our community can be slandered and accused of salacious acts is disappointing and hurtful. The digital world is used by many to make strides in business endeavors and strengthen marketability, why is that some of our youth decides to make the least of a valuable asset and drag others down with them in the process?? If you don’t give a damn about doing anything worthwhile with your life heck why not just use Facebook to expose YOUR OWN indecent activities instead of exploiting others?? Why drag someone esle’s name and reputation through the mud?


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