In the workplace, you hope to step foot into a cooperative, easy-going setting, with personable yet professional co-workers. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen like that a lot of times and you end up having to keep your cool with ridiculous people just to keep your check coming in every two weeks.  Here are the different types of difficult characters you may encounter at the job and how to deal with them:

1. The Backstabber/Poser

Some co-workers  are just plain shady. They will ask you “innocent” questions about yourself or what you’re working on and next thing you know, they steal your idea, get a raise and the corner office.  Just remember these people are co-workers, not necessarily friends, no matter how cool they seem.

2. The Gossip Artist

The common mistake that people make on the job is telling folks stuff that really isn’t their business. For the sake of your reputation, you never want to provide intimate details from home or work that’ll be churned into a heap of salacious gossip. It can come back to haunt you. Whatever you do, always be mindful of who you’re talking to and how much you’re telling that person. The person who is known for not having a filter should be avoided at all costs.

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