Air-conditioned clothes are already a hit in Japan! The founder of Kuchofuku, or “air-conditioned clothing” in Japanese, says sales for his clothes have increased 10-fold. Phones at his office haven’t stopped ringing.

“People ask me, why would I want to wear a jacket when it’s so hot,” Hiroshi Ichigaya, a former Sony engineer, said. “I tell them, because it’s cooler than being naked.”

Kuchofuku jackets come equipped with a pair of battery-operated fans on the sides, which draw air in. Ichigaya says the constant breeze running inside the jacket helps evaporate all the sweat and creates a personal cooling system in the process.

The company expects to sell at least 40,000 air-conditioned products this year, and Ichigaya is hoping to take his cool invention beyond Japan. He says he has already taken calls from companies in China, India and the UNITED STATES. Bring it!

Would you wear air-conditioned clothes?


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