Last week Jill Scott took to her Twitter to ask her fans about open relationships. She asked her followers, “What do you think about open relationships? Been considering.”

Many friends are making it work. Not sure if I’m that girl but not sure if I’m not. Sometimes there’s an understanding that nobody else gets. For some it’s a turn on.” She added, “I’m certain of what I want and deserve. Still so many marriages fail. Worth the questions. Worth the thought.”


But things got a little heated when singer Chili came through and voiced her opinion on the matter.

He!! Naw To Open Relationships!!!” The TLC singer, who has a notorious list of requirements for potential lovers, stands strong on her relationship convictions.

Actor Brian White co-signed with Chilli’s sentiments, tweeting:

Thoughts? RT @TaP_Ent: a woman doesn’t consider an open relationship unless she has been hurt, isn’t getting what she needs or is being spiteful.”

Chilli finished the though by replying, “@actorbrainwhite or just trying to please her wack a$$ boyfriend

Sticking with her guns, Chili decided to continue the conversation woman to woman via phone.

She posted: “I’m about to call you cuz you can’t be in nobody’s OPEN relationships!!” “Talk about a horrible situation!!! So answer your phone!!

Whether or not the two got on the phone is unknown, but about an hour after her initial tweet, Jill stated, “Ok. Try this. The love of ur life cheats and is honest about it. Ur life w/him/her is everything u want but monogamous. Do u stay?

Anyway, your thoughts? What do you think about open relationships and marriages? Do you agree with Chilli? Or do you understand where Jill Scott is coming from. Leave your comments below and lets disqus!

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