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T.I. (a.k.a. Clifford Harris, Jr.) remains in prison at the moment for supposedly violating the terms of his furlough, but his lawyer and manager are disputing the Bureau of Prisons report that has landed him in hot water.

Back on August 31, the rapper was released from prison and sent to serve the last month of his sentence in a halfway house. T.I. was transported via luxury bus to his new digs, and he was accompanied by his manager,Brian Sher, and a VH1 producer working on T.I.’s reality series. The Bureau of Prisons report claims “Such people were not authorized to travel with him in the conditions of his furlough,” and the only person who was allowed to travel with him was his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. However, T.I.’s lawyer, Steven Sadow, says the “Bureau of Prison officials did not specifically state at any time that T.I. was limited to being in the vehicle with his wife and no one else. There is nothing that was specifically instructed or directed on this.” Sadow continued, saying “It doesn’t say ‘list all of the individuals that you are going to be with’ or ‘you may not be with anyone else.’” Sher, who was on the bus with the rapper, added “It was clear to me that Mr. Harris believed that I was permitted to be with him on the trip back to Atlanta because I had been authorized to visit him and have contact with during his time in Forrest City. During my time with him on the ride back to Atlanta, no business was conducted with Mr. Harris.”

It is this reason, and not the mode of transportation, as was previously reported, that landed T.I. back in prison. It is expected that, unless T.I. is granted a disciplinary hearing and cleared of any wrongdoing, he will remain in prison until September 29. Source: VH1

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