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It’s just our luck that the FCC is going to bat for cell phone users now. The cell phone companies have to help us out with letting us know we’re exceeding our plan charges starting next year.  But, one woman out there wasn’t effected by the changes to cell phone companies billing alerts soon enough. She felt whacked upside the head when she received her cell phone bill of $201, 005.44.

I know a lot of us yack yack yack on that cell phone all day long, but this bill didn’t even involve any talking. Celina Aarons has a cell phone bill with her younger brother who is legally deaf.  He went on a trip to Canada and his international roaming was somehow left on while he was there.

In addition to the roaming charges, there were over 2,000 texts from his phone.  The news station that broke the story, WSVN-TV, helped her negotiate with her cell phone carrier and get the bill down to $2500.  She’ll be able to pay it over time, but a lot of us won’t be so fortunate.

Check out the story below.

via eurweb

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