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A Holly Hill, Florida woman said she felt violated after seeing store surveillance video of a man sneaking up behind her and taking pictures up her skirt at a local Walmart.

“I felt exploited,” said the victim, Sabrina Ortiz, who said what happened to her could happen to anyone. A man came forward to talk to police after the video on local news stations.

Investigators say James Risi (seen below) is the same man seen in the video. He will be charged with a misdemeanor. Police said an anonymous caller told them that the man was Risi. Police say Risi admitted to the crime, but never said why.

Ortiz was shopping at the Walmart in Holly Hill on October 12th, when store cameras caught a man walk behind her, squat, and reach under her knee-length skirt with a camera.

“I feel safe in a family Walmart,” said Ortiz after being interviewed late Tuesday by police investigators. . “You never expect anything like this to happen.”

Ortiz said she never knew anyone was even there, until another woman explained what happened. The witness described the man as being in his 40s, around 6 feet tall, 180 pounds and wearing a baseball hat, white shirt, dark shorts and flip-flops.

“A customer came running down the aisle and told me that some guy had just stuck his camera or cell phone up my skirt,” said Ortiz.

Since then, Ortiz will not shop alone. She worries what the man was doing before and after her case.

“Makes me fearful what he’s doing to other people, children. Have to pray for him because he’s a pervert!,” said Ortiz. “It’s important for women to be aware of these creeps that are out there nowadays. It’s jut not safe anymore.”

Do you ever think this could happen to you?


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