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Just smh! Things that we suspected might be a bad idea: getting your penis tattooed. A 21-year-old Iranian man was left with a permanent semi-boner after getting the phrase “good luck on your journeys” along with his girlfriend’s initials inked on his penis in Persian.

After several days of post-tat healing, his pain began to subside, but his woody didn’t. According the to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the tattoo artist “punctured too-deep holes that damaged vessels in his penis” causing blood pooling that resulted in the perma-rection. OUCH!

Since the guy is still able to achieve full erections and have sex, he’s more or less okay with his always hard d**k. Meanwhile, doctors are taking this opportunity to remind us that penile tattooing is dumb.

But we already suspected as much. Maybe he should get the tattoo changed to read, “Good luck with your permanent erection.” LMAO!

What do you think? Guys would you do this?

via BlackMediaScoop

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