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West Michigan teacher, Vicki Sleevi, seen below, could find herself in some hot water after breaking up a fight between students with a cup of hot tea.

The incident happened at Hastings High School on Tuesday and now police are investigating both the fight and the teacher’s actions. The 15-year-old student says he was in a texting battle with an 18 year old, which escalated into a fight in the hallway. Several other students witnessed it all, and there was also a teacher present carrying a cup of tea.

Skyler Henion, seen above, has a bruise on his face where he was hit by another student, but he says what hurt more was the tea. “Hot enough, very hot,” said Henion. Henion says it all started with an 18-year-old student throwing a punch.

“I restrained him to the ground,” said Henion. “We sat on the ground for awhile, the teacher was behind us.” Henion says the next thing he knew, he felt tea running down his neck and shoulders.

“All I know is she dumped the tea on us,” said Henion. “Everybody says she was screaming down the hall, saying she was going to, but I was too caught up in the moment.”

Now Hastings Police are investigating , and the Hastings School district has put the teacher on paid administrative leave. “We want everyone to know we take the safety of our students and staff seriously,” said Hastings Superintendent Michelle Falcon. “We are very concerned, conducting an investigation.”

The district does not have a specific policy on how teachers should respond to fights among students, but the Michigan School Code does.

“Says a reasonable amount of effort/force can be used when trying to maintain safety of students,” said Falcon.

Henion says the red mark across his shoulders from where the tea hit him is gone now. Both he and his mother say they aren’t sure what, if anything, should happen to the teacher.

“I don’t know about dumping tea on students,” said Henion. “I don’t know if it’s the best way she could have took it.” The superintendent says the teacher in question has been with the district for several years and that she is a very effective teacher.

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