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Jessica Evers (pictured right) was an unborn 38-week-old baby during the 1992 L.A. Riots that took 55 lives, injured more than 2,300 people and racked up more than a billion dollars in damage.

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Yet she was its youngest victim when her mother, Elvira Evers, (pictured left) was shot in the stomach on April 30, 1992, the second day of the riots, the Daily Mail reports.

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Ms. Evers told a local TV station that she noticed cars full of looted items in her Compton neighborhood, prompting her to seek safety.

Watch Jessica and her mother, Elvira, talk about the L.A. Riots below

The Daily Mail has more:

Fearful, she ushered her children home. ‘I started getting nervous,’ she recounted.

But as she went inside, she felt her body was on fire. She did not notice she had been shot in the stomach until a neighbor pointed out the blood oozing onto her white dress.

‘I didn’t know I’d been hit,’ Evers said after the incident. ‘I just felt a little tingling.’

Knowing that an ambulance would take too long to arrive in the midst of the violence, a friend drove her to St. Francis Medical Center, where an emergency caesarian section saved her baby.

Elvira had been asleep for a week when she awoke and immediately began to cry. ‘I was just like, oh my God, my baby,’ she said, certain her daughter had not survived.

But baby Jessica, now 19, did in fact, survive. Read the rest of the Daily Mail article to learn how Jessica is doing now.


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