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Yikes! Propofol, the drug that ended Michael Jackson‘s life and was administered by current jailbird Dr. Conrad Murray, is now being used in the state of Missouri as the drug of choice for those who are on death row, according to TMZ.

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In Missouri, those on death row used to be put to death with a three-drug combination, but now, authorities have decided to use a large dose of propofol as the means to the end.

Propofol slows one’s brain and nervous system activity. Originally, it was used in hospitals as a general anesthesia during medical procedures.

Last November, Dr. Murray was found guilty of second-degree manslaughter for killing pop icon Jackson, after administering a cocktail of the aforementioned propofol and mild sedatives. Among other things, it was ruled that Dr. Murray was amiss in giving Jackson the powerful drug in an unmonitored environment. It was also determined that he should have known not to mix the already lethal anesthetic with any other drugs.

Dr. Murray lost his medical license and is currently serving a four-year sentence at L.A. County Jail, with other fallen stars singer James DeBarge and ex-Met baseball player Lenny Dykstra. As for Missouri and its new drug of choice, 19 inmates are reportedly on deck to receive it.

Who wants to be on death row in Missouri?

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