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With a 100-pound scrotum dragging in front of him everywhere he goes, Wesley Warren Jr. has a bulging problem on his hands. Though he’s received offers to get it surgically fixed for free, he allegedly prefers the notoriety that his condition has brought him, reports the Daily Mail.

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Warren, who has been interviewed by such media personalities as Howard Stern and Tosh O, has embraced his celebrity status and is holding off on the free surgery that could dramatically decrease the size of his scrotum.

The condition that the Las Vegas-based, 47-year-old, 400-plus pound man suffers from is called scrotal elephantiasis or “big balls.”  Warren has lived with the rare condition for the last three years.   Warren’s scrotum is so extremely large that he has to prop it up whenever he sits down.  In order to somewhat cloak his massive organs, he has to secure them in an upside down hoodie whenever he ventures out which is on rare occasions.  He also cannot urinate like a normal male.  Warren’s penis is so hidden underneath the scrotum that he usually is forced to urinate on himself.

The condition which is rare can be found in Africa and Southeast Asia and is caused by parasites.  Warren thinks he might have caused the condition by accidentally turning in bed one morning and hitting his testicles with his leg.

Last year, Warren desperately tried to raise funds for the surgery to correct his condition.  But after being celebrated in the media, he has had a change of heart.  He even turned down an offer by TV’s most celebrated doctor, Mehmet Oz, who said he would handle the total costs involved for the surgery but with one catch, that his show would have exclusivity in sharing his story with their viewers.  Warren turned Dr. Oz’s offer down.

Despite the fame, Warren does admit that he is terrified of dying on the operating table since the surgery is so highly complicated.  Doctors must drain the fluid in his scrotum, then rebuild it.  The operation is also a bloody one which could result in the complete removal of Warren’s penis and testicles if his scrotum suddenly bleeds profusely.

Another California doctor has offered to fly to Nevada to perform the surgery which he has had success with in the past for free.  Warren is still on the fence as to whether he will even entertain this doctor.

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