Oprah Winfrey broke her long-standing rule against supporting politicians and made her support of President Barack Obama public in 2007. She became one his strongest advocates and helped him win over female voters! Oprah still supports President Obama, but has no plans of reviving the same role she played in his first election.

Now The Big O is keeping her political interviews going. Her latest interview is with Mitt and Ann Romney.

The GOP nominee and his wife met with Winfrey on Friday for an interview that will be published in O Magazine. The subject of the interview is being kept under wraps, but here’s a few questions we think Oprah should have definitely posed to the controversial presidential nominee.

1. Why go speak to the NAACP at a convention?

2. Why would you put it out there that you were considering Condoleeza Rice as a running mate even though she is pro-choice and the conservative party won’t accept that and Rice has made it clear that she has no interest in the VP position?

3. Why do you spend millions in ads to dirty President Obama’s name? What ever happened to clean campaigning?

4. Do you find it tough to focus on the issues when you’re trying to win against a minority President who will more than likely receive the minority vote?

5. You head a party that must win 2/3 of the white working-class vote to make up for your weakness in almost every demographic outside of that. The white working class is the most pessimistic and alienated group in the electorate, and they fear and dislike the kind of financial methods that gained you a fortune. How are you going to win them over?

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