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CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Browns pre-season home opener is Friday at 7:30 p.m. It’s expected to bring thousands of people out to Cleveland Browns Stadium, but be prepared for a few changes.

There are two main changes you’ll notice. First, new signs have been put up put in Municipal parking lot saying “no alcohol.” The signs used to read “no open containers,” so it’s possible police will be stricter on the law this year. This isn’t a new law. Alcohol is not permitted on any city property. Friday night will be the first test of how all that plays out.

Another change: security. The NFL is requiring everybody to pass through a metal detector before going into the stadium. It’s all due to enhanced security measures at stadiums around the country.

If you’re heading to the game Friday or any game this season, you’ll be wanded with hand-held metal detectors.

“As opposed to the past where we use to have to pat you down, this will go quicker, not only go quicker because it’s gender neutral, so we don’t have to worry about separating out our fans from men and women,” said Carl Meyer, Cleveland Browns Security spokesman. “Everyone can come through the line and its going to be a much faster process for us.”

Another hint: be prepared to take everything out of your pockets like keys and cellphones so they don’t make the metal detectors go off.

Police are also reminding people about some construction downtown that may impact how you get to the stadium.

Police said don’t use Mall C to get to the stadium because there’s constriction going on for the Medical Mart. Instead, police say use West Third Street or East Ninth Street to get downtown.

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