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In the era of Kwame Kilpatrick, one would believe that other mayors would have taken notes as he fell from grace.  But, nooooooooo, some mayors have to learn the hard way.  They have to, as my grandma used to say, be convinced that fat meat is greasy.  As the cuffs come out, many have been made believers in one New Jersey mayor’s administration.

Rather than taking a note out of Corey Booker’s record book, Trenton, New Jersey mayor, Tony Mack, 46, deferred to the book of Kilpatrick and was arrested for accepting bribes from an official.  The official was really a federal agent that Mack and his cohorts, his brother Ralphiel and  Mack supporter Joseph Giorgianni, who is also a convicted sex offender, struck a deal with on a fictitious parking structure project, according to the Huffington Post.

The fake developers wanted to build a parking structure on land near City Hall and the value of that land was assessed at $271,000.  Well Mack and friends agreed to give the developers a little discount by charging $100,000 for the city and $100,000 to line their pockets.  Now split $100,000 three ways.   Is that little bit of money enough to chance jail time and ousting from your position as Mayor?  I guess so!

Giorgianni was the big mouth in the sting.  He was recorded on the officials tapes from informants saying things like:

“One thing about the Mack administration – when I say that, it’s me and Mack – we’re not greedy. We’re corruptible. We want anybody to make a buck,” and “I’m there to buffer the thing where, you know, take the weight … going to jail’s my business. It ain’t his.”

Well, Giorgianni, you have been a model employee.  The fat man who once rocked the scales at over 500 pounds, Giorgianni owns a sandwich shop and it wasn’t certain why he was such a close friend of the mayor’s until now.  Authorities traced the serial numbers on $2,500 in $100 bills given to Giorgianni and found them during a search of Mack’s home in July.

If Mack and his brother are convicted, they face 20 years in prison.

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