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Don’t sleep on the quiet ones like Giancarlo Esposito.

He’s one of those actors that sort of slips under the cracks, and gets overshadowed by other fan-adorned actors.

But the guy has done some great acting work; and it’s worth talking about. In an interview with “Hit Fix,” he talked about his own journey in becoming the character, “Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring” in AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

Grateful for the role, Esposito said that it’s “wonderful” being recognized by his peers with The Critic’s Choice Award.

He also mentioned that his role actually developed after a ‘test run.’

“When I first started, they asked me to do a guest spot on season two. So, when I finished that episode and flew back home, they asked me to come back and do one more episode,” he said. “I told them that I would love to work with a family of filmmakers, but the only way that I would do the role was if there were future plans for the character.”

Esposito took over the character and transformed him into the man he thought would fit right in with the storyline.

“The role was written as what seemed to be a manager of a chicken restaurant. But the character was carrying a big secret. So, I went down to play that role as written. I wanted to carry the character as something more than a glorified waiter. I wanted to create someone that really cared about the food that he was making.”

Check out the rest of the interview at “Hit Fix.”