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For days, Donald Trump has been going on about a “gigantic bombshell” he’s planning to announce today regarding President Obama that “could change the course of the upcoming presidential election.”

The real estate mogul made the announcement Monday after the third and final Presidential Debate between the president and Gov. Mitt Romney during an interview with Fox & Friends, teasing he has “something very, very big concerning the President of the United States.”

“It’s going to be very big. I know one thing – you will cover it in a very big fashion,” he said, adding the news was “large, bordering on gigantic.”

He said he would make the revelation on Wednesday at around noon through his Twitter account.

Politico reports that Trump also spoke to He told TMZ he would make the announcement around “noon” Wednesday. He said: “It’s a big fact. I can’t talk about it ‘till Wednesday… We’ll see what happens.”

Rumors of what it could possibly be have already started.

The Daily Mail notes this is the second time that Trump has threatened a “bombshell” on Obama with nothing coming out of his threats. But their first guess is that it may be something linked to Obama’s birth certificate, as Trump is one of the founders of the “birther” movement.

Radar Online is reporting that a man who claims he was a close college friend of President Obama’s says the president once used and sold cocaine. According to Radar Online, operatives close to the Mitt Romney campaign were reportedly contacted about the drug story but Romney campaign would have nothing to do with it.

The Daily Mail reports that yet another story being peddled comes from Douglas Kass, a Florida-based investor with links to Trump, who said Trump would claim to uncover divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama. According to the Daily Mail, it is alleged that Trump has documents that show that Michelle and Obama were once on the verge of splitting up.

Kass, who appears on a CNBC talkshow “Squawkbox,” where Trump also often appears, tweeted to his 48,000 followers after Trump made his “gigantic bombshell” promise: “High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife.”

But this is not the first time someone has claimed that the Obamas’ marriage almost failed.

Ed Klein, in a book released earlier in the year titled “The Amateur,” claimed that the first lady had prepared divorce papers in 2000 after the stress of Barack Obama’s unsuccessfully run for a House seat in Chicago. He later won a Senate seat in Illinois in 2005.

via EurWeb