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You know you really hate somebody when you use their face to wipe your….assets. Certain firemen are using President Obama as toilet paper.

Police in Pompano Beach are investigating the origin of the toilet paper bearing the president’s face, but they’re pretty sure they know who did it. A certain firefighter was upset when he had to remove his anti-Obama stickers from his locker.

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Of course, the firehouse isn’t against people having an opinion, but there’s a place for everything. ”If you have an opinion, you’re certainly entitled to it. Everyone has their opinion. Put it on your own personal vehicle or your own personal things, but you don’t display it on city property, on city grounds that maybe someone else doesn’t agree with, that’s politically motivated, and it’s inappropriate,” said Sandra King, spokesperson for the City of Pompano Beach.

It’s bad enough that people like Shyne are calling the president “corny” simply because he can’t get back in the country, but toilet paper?? Cmon son…

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I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Never seen so much hatred….smh

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