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Should Ohio be the next state to legalize medical marijuana?

John Pardee says yes, and as President of the Ohio Rights Group, he’s leading a grassroots effort to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio by fighting to get the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment on the ballot this November.

It’s an amendment that would not only legalize the medical use of the drug in our state, but a first for Ohio, it would also allow for industrial hemp.

“…because of the benefits to not only patients to our farms, to our businesses and things like that, we felt it made sense to go ahead and free the entire plant,” said Pardee in a sit-down interview at his Amherst home.

John and his wife Linda Pardee explained that legalizing medical marijuana is a controversial fight that became theirs about five years ago when their son got into a near-fatal car accident.

Pardee described his son’s conditions saying, “…he had a crushed pelvis, lacerated organs and collapsed lungs…”

Their son, Linda said, now lives in California where he can legally use marijuana to treat continuing symptoms. To have that here in Ohio, she explained, “It’s very important. First of all it’ll bring my son home. It will allow him to come home, be home with his family… it’s also important because I have a lot of acquaintances that I’ve met during the petition drive and there’s a lot of people out there that just need help.”

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