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Houston rapper Slim Thug (pictured) recently tweeted that he underwent a vasectomy to avoid more child support payments.

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Thug’s decision comes a year after he shared his support for abortion with Necole Bitchie:

“I think abortion is necessary on some occasions. People be against it, but people don’t deal with the real life situations some people deal with. I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s good to have a baby and not be with the father. That’s part of the biggest problem. My mother, she took care of me, but she was working 7 days-a-week, 12 hours-a-day. That was a struggle, I seen how much she struggled and it was so hard coming up. I don’t even know who my daddy is. I don’t like that. I think a kid deserves both  his parents. That’s why I think if you ain’t gonna be with somebody, you don’t need to have a kid with him. Even though I got 3 baby mamas…. it’s working out. But it ain’t right. I ain’t saying wait 3 or 4 months. If it’s immediate, it’s like birth control to me.”

According to his Twitter timeline, Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade’s troubles with his children’s mother was another reason behind getting snipped:


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Rapper Slim Thug Gets Vasectomy To Avoid Paying More Child Support  was originally published on newsone.com