Cassandra Lennox has been a driving instructor atPro Driving School in Westlake for more than six, teaching teens the rules of the road.

Lennox says now more than ever there are plenty of distractions younger drivers are faced with– like cell phones and other technology.

“Collisions with young drivers are still at a major high. It’s still the top killer for their age group,” says Lennox.

An Ohio lawmaker wants to make it tougher for 16-year old drivers, banning them from having teen buddies in the car.

The proposed law would limit non family passengers in a teens car to licensed drivers 21-years old or older.

“When they have one friend in the car with them the likelihood of them crashing is even increased. I believe it’s doubled when it’s one,” says Lennox.

With the proposed law the driving curfew would be pushed back from midnight to 10 p.m. Teens involved in work and school activities would be exempt from the proposed new night rules.

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