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Temper, temper Kanye! Performer Kanye West (pictured) was at his Cali home when he and his lady-love, Kim Kardashian, who was cloaked from head to toe, were reportedly trying to get to their car to go to the airport as they prepared to jet-set to Paris.

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It was 4 am Thursday morning when West was approached by a paparazzi who had been camped outside of his garage.  When the shutterbug asked about his feud with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, West lost his cool and went on a cussing tirade with the photographer according to a TMZ video.

West is seen trying to load his pricey looking roadster with luggage, while Kardashian gets into the ride.  A throng of paparazzi are snapping away at the A-listers but one in particular attempts to speak to West, asking him about his recent feud with Kimmel.  Kimmel did a skit about West on his show and felt it was innocuous, however the singer/songwriter/producer failed to find it funny.

West’s garage door goes up after he tried to close it electronically and West thinks paparazzi had interfered with its mechanism by placing something within its radar to open it again.  The move infuriated West, who then verbally lashed out at the photographers.

As one of the photographers attempt to bait the Grammy-Award winner into a confrontation, West continues to fake lunge at the group, warns them not to question or say anything to him and cusses out the main instigator with a barrage of f-word rants.  West then confronts one of the photographers face-to-face and looks as if he desperately wants to hit him but refrains from doing so.  The photographers, meanwhile, are saying things to anger West such as “Come on Kanye, you know we like you.”  West did mention that he was going to “change all of this,” referring to the invasion of paparazzi on celebs.

West refers to the annoying troop of voyeurs as  “blood-sucking mosquitos,” “bullies” and advises them to find a new line of work, “Pick a profession with some kind of respect to it!” shouts the fed-up celeb.

Meanwhile, West is in a bit of hot water facing charges of assault, battery and attempted grand theft in connection with his July 19 LAX attack on a photogragher.   The photographer hired powerhouse Gloria Allred.

West’s arraignment is October 10th. If he is convicted on both misdemeanors, he faces a year in prison.

Kanye Goes Ballistic On More Paparazzi!  was originally published on newsone.com

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