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1. Obamacare battle

Blame game: Sparks flew. Fingers were pointed. Threats were uttered. And that’s just from the poor folks trying to log in to the Obamacare website. Just kidding. All this happened yesterday when Obamacare contractors were summoned to Congress to explain the mess. They were grilled on why users have complained about log in problems, lengthy delays and why incorrect information may ‘ve been relayed to insurance companies. The contractors blamed the White House for a last second change of plan. That 11th hour change doomed the healthcare website, contractors said. Despite the chorus of criticism, the White House is standing firm. The big fix is on the way, the White House says.

2. Pirates strike again

Captain Phillips redux: The movie “Captain Phillips” may give a clue to how dangerous this situation is. And it’s what we don’t know about this ongoing pirate attack that’s so unsettling. The little we know is armed pirates stormed a huge oil rig near Nigeria this week. They seized two men. The hostages may be Americans, officials say. That was two days ago. We have no information on how the hostages are doing. And we don’t know the condition of the U.S.-flagged vessel that the pirates stormed. But if history is any guide, there may be some good news. There are U.S. forces on a Dutch vessel floating off West Africa, we are told. Spoiler alert: U.S. soldiers saved Captain Rich Phillips from that now famous pirate attack in 2009.

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article courtesy of CNN.com

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