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Cobalt crooks: Thieves snatched more than they bargained for when they stole a truck in Mexico this week. Inside the truck was radioactive cargo so alarming, nuclear authorities had to be called in. The radioactive cobalt in the truck could be used to make a dirty bomb, officials warn. The truck , and its explosive cargo, was missing for two days. But officials found the truck yesterday evening in a remote area in Mexico. The crooks, though, are nowhere to be found. Investigators believe the thieves may have just wanted to steal the truck and initially had no idea what was inside. They may want to turn themselves in to the nearest hospital. Reactions to radioactive cobalt exposure can produce severe burns, even death.


More crack tales: The Toronto mayor has 99 problems, and the list keeps growing. New court documents revealed more info about Rob Ford’s apparent ties to a drug gang. The information from police wiretaps shows that gang members claimed they had footage of him smoking crack. But wait …. there’s more. The documents also allege Ford tried to buy a damaging video of him smoking crack from gang members so it would not go public. At one point, the mayor offered five grand and a car to make the crack tape go away, the documents allege. CNN reached out to the mayor for comment. He did not respond. The new revelation is part of a slew of documents released by Canadian authorities. But it will be hard to shock those following the Ford story. It has been like a fireworks show since early November when Ford admitted publicly to smoking crack in one of his “drunken stupors.”

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