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Rebuilding a bridge: Gov. Chris Christie spent yesterday firing some of his closest allies and then apologizing for the bridge scandal. But will it be enough to quell this growing controversy? Time will tell. Yesterday Christie was contrite and apologetic during a nearly two hour news conference. He said he was sorry that his top aides and a political ally targeted a local mayor with a scheme to tie up traffic in his town as punishment for not supporting Christie for re-election. He said he was out of the loop and not aware of what his staff had done. “I knew nothing about this,” Christie said. After the news conference Christie went to apologize to the mayor personally.


Leaving the country: The female diplomat embroiled in a controversy that has strained ties between New Delhi and Washington, is on her way back to India from the United States. This case has caused protests in India. And amazingly, it stems from the diplomat’s alleged underpaying of a housekeeper. Devyani Khobragade, the diplomat, said she would pay her housekeeper $9.75 an hour. But she wound up paying only $3.31 an hour, authorities say. So U.S. investigators arrested her on charges of lying on her application for that housekeeper. They say they treated her like other people they arrest, strip-searching her and holding her in jail until she paid a bond to get out. Yet the December 12 arrest has infuriated some in India, who say the U.S. humiliated one of its foreign service officers. This led to protests. Khobragade was indicted this week.


Deal or no deal? A deal to extend to unemployment benefits for more than a million Americans hit some turbulence yesterday. It seemed like a done-deal in the morning. Well at least lawmakers were saying they had cobbled together enough votes between the two parties to begin debate on the bill. But, by the afternoon, things had fallen apart. And the finger-pointing began. The sticking point is the 55-member Senate Democratic caucus can’t pass the bill without help from Republicans to clear procedural hurdles that require 60 votes to pass. And as you might guess, it has been difficult to reach that magic number. The clock is ticking. There is another key vote set for Monday and lawmakers are hoping to get a deal set before then.

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