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When it rains, it pours: There’s new trouble potentially brewing for Chris Christie – and this has nothing to do with Bridgegate.  You’ll be hearing more about it this morning at 6. Last week wasn’t the best one for the New Jersey governor, a man thought to be a frontrunner in next year’s presidential race. His top aides are accused of targeting a local mayor with a scheme to tie up traffic as punishment for not supporting Christie in his re-election. Christie says if there was a scheme he didn’t know about it.


Apology tour: Forget ‘basketball diplomacy.’ This is beginning to look more like an apology tour. Last week, Dennis Rodman said he was sorry about his bizarre, drunken outburst on CNN about an American citizen held prisoner in North Korea. Today, the basketball bad boy says he’s sorry about “certain situations” inside North Korea. Human rights violations? More than 200,000 in prison camps? Kim Jong Un executing his uncle? He didn’t say exactly what those “situations” are. The contrition didn’t last long, though. Soon, ‘The Worm’ was back to his “woe is me” refrain.

“I’m not God, I’m not (an) ambassador, I’m no one. I just want to show the world the fact that we can actually get along in sport. That is it!”

Rodman wasn’t the only one defending the controversial trip. His teammate Charles Smith said the group didn’t get paidby the regime to play against the North Korea basketball team. Several other players are scheduled to set the record straight this morning on “New Day.”

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