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In an explosive interview with the Daily Mail, the ex-stepmother of Oprah Winfrey blasted the television icon for ruining her marriage and being dismissive of her presence from the day the two met.

Barbara Winfrey told the British publication in a two-part series (part 1 and 2) that Oprah forced her into homelessness, tried to make her sign a confidentiality agreement, prevented her from speaking to her A-list friends during major events, and claimed that she was a mean boss to her employees.

Barbara was married to Oprah’s father, Vernon, for 14 years before they ended their union. She made national headlines after being given an eviction notice from Oprah, stating that she must leave the Tennessee home she shared with Vernon by May 29. Barbara says Oprah called her Friday, Nov. 2, 2012, the day of her sixty-fourth birthday, to give her the news.

“You say I never talk to you? I want you to know now. You have until Monday to get out of my house,” she allegedly said.

Here is more of what Barbara told the Daily Mail:

She claims that Oprah, 60, and longterm partner Stedman Graham, 63, are not bound by romance but a pragmatic cocktail of shared secrets, convenience and money. She describes Oprah’s relationship with close confidante Gayle King, 59, as ‘bizarre’ and ‘unhealthy,’ and points to it as the reason that neither woman is married. And at the heart of it all, Barbara claims, the ‘real Oprah’ –  hidden behind the image she projects so well – is a woman unhappy in her skin and, as Barbara has learned to her cost, unforgiving to those who inspire her wrath. Barbara said, ‘You find out quickly where your place is with Oprah and you get in that place and you stay in that place.

‘My crime, I think, was to talk to her like a normal person and she didn’t like that one bit.’

The allegations get much worse. To learn more about what Barbara thinks of Oprah, read the two-part series at the links above.






Oprah’s Ex-Stepmom Claims TV Icon Ruined Her Marriage  was originally published on newsone.com

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