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Roy Davis (pictured), a 34-year-old double amputee, managed to beat down, then sit on, an intruder until police arrived, after the stranger broke in to the Dayton, Ohio, home he shares with his wife Kanisha Marbury, accosted her, reports WHIO.

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On Saturday night, Davis was reportedly sitting in his wheelchair on his porch when he suddenly heard his wife screaming. At first, Davis thought an insect or rodent had frightened Marbury, but when he went in to the home to investigate further, he saw a man standing in his bedroom. According to police investigators, Joseph Copeland, the 49-year-old suspect, had somehow broken in to the home via an unlocked window in search of cash.

The would-be robber allegedly told police that drug dealers informed him about a stash of cash in Davis’ home.

Davis, who has prosthetic legs, wheeled himself to his bedroom and began attacking the assailant, who he believes was drunk. Davis grabbed a glass liquor bottle, struck Copeland over the head, then sat on him in order to subdue him until police arrived.

Consequently, both men had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment, and according to police, Copeland will require mental health services.

Meanwhile, Davis and Marbury plan on installing a home security system in order to safeguard themselves from another possible break-in, “I want to protect my own family.  I don’t care if [the landlord installs the system] or not, this is my family, and I want my family to be protected, so I’m going to do it for myself.”

Watch news coverage of Roy Davis defending his family here:

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