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But Williams recently revealed that bad management deals led him to lose thousands, if not a million dollars. “I’m going to forget about the fact that I should be a millionaire now,” Ted Williams told theColumbus Dispatch recently. Now three years later, Williams told Doral Chenoweth—the reporter who first “discovered” him—that various bad financial decisions has left him without a car or his own apartment.

According to Williams, two different managers waisted his money, starting while he was in treatment. Williams says he signed “some things I shouldn’t have signed.”

Williams admits, “Financially I am a little under the weather.” One manager deprived him of his voice over work residuals while he was still in treatment for addiction. Another manager, although he set Williams up in a great condo, was actually taking money from Williams.

And there was plenty of money, In addition to his contract with Kraft, which runs until 2015, there was Williams’ book advance of $375,000, paid in four installments of $93,000 over a one-year period. Now Williams, who is clean and sober after 17 years of using drugs, doesn’t own anything.

“Do you own any furniture?” Chenoweth asks.

“I own nothing. I own nothing.”

He does however still have a regular radio job in Ohio. Despite it all, Williams is keeping positive and is spending his free time volunteering at a soup kitchen. “I hope to do more volunteering, to continue my work with Kraft, to one day soon have my own place and car.”

Ted ‘Golden Voice’ Williams is Clean, Sober and … Back to Broke  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com

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