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fbDoran Horton (pictured) is facing a federal charge of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl and San Diego police are examining his ostentatious and incriminating selfies on Facebook, according to The Smoking Gun.

Horton, who uses the alias Oso Montana, is a wannabe rapper with an affinity for posting selfies of his lavish life on the social media site.  The young baller, shot caller, has reportedly photographed himself covered in wads of xashft66, jewelry and even blunts and has shamelessly posted all of his pics on Facebook, so that his ‘hatahs’ can hate away.

Well reportedly a ‘hatah’ spilled the goods on the 25-year-old man, who is accused of pimping young girls.  When investigators interviewed a 17-year-old girl, who was allegedly a part of Horton’s stable, she revealed to them that another young girl at her group home was also being pimped by him.  She explained to authorities how she met Horton in September and that he allegedly kidnapped her, then confiscated her phone and purse.  She also claimed that Horton plied her with alcohol, gave her an unknown drug, had sex with her, and “for a few hours locked her in his San Diego garage,” states The Smoking Gun.

Horton has denied the pandering charges and reportedly told agents after his arrest that he was not a pimp but that “everyone has their hustles and he just wants money.”

If convicted, Horton faces a maximum of ten years in federal prison.

Accused Sex Trafficker Busted After Posting Facebook Selfies Buried In $100 Bills  was originally published on newsone.com