The 103-year-old woman who was kicked out of her life-long church last month in a dispute with her relatively new pastor now says the church has voted the pastor out, in order to welcome her back.

But she told 11Alive News on Thursday that the pastor is refusing to leave.

11Alive spoke with her at her home in Elberton.

It’s all been an unexpected disruption to Genora Biggs and her routine, which had been peaceful, she says, up to now.  She suddenly finds herself and her tiny church the focus of international concern and outrage.

In August, the pastor had the deacon and ten other church members sign a letter that they mailed to her home telling her they no longer consider her a member and to stay off of church property.  Ms. Biggs says she and the pastor, the Rev. Tim Mattox, have been involved in a long-running dispute because she says he has been trying to change the church, Union Grove Baptist Church, to a different denomination.

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source: 11alive.com

103-Year-Old Woman Says Pastor Who Kicked Her Out Of Church Has Now Been Voted Out  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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