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Just over ten years ago, most people hadn’t heard of Facebook. Myspace was just taking off and the world of social media was uncharted territory. Now it’s pervasive in everything that we do. You can’t buy dog food or gas for your car without seeing an invitation to like the product page on Facebook or follow the Twitter handle. So how do we as Christians engage this brave new world of social media? After looking online and seeing so many faux pas and mistakes made by those who name the name of Christ, I’ve come up with “10 Commandments” of social media for Christians.

Pause before you publish

The one thing you must do before you do anything else in the world of social media is to stop and think before you click “Enter” and send that post or tweet or Instagram photo. Think through the ramifications of what you are about to send to the entire Internet. Your friends and people you don’t even know have a window into this part of your world. Where most communication is private, this is public in a way that wasn’t public 20 years ago.

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source: urbanfaith.com

DISCUSSION: 10 COMMANDMENTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CHRISTIANS  was originally published on praisecleveland.com