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Deante Smith

Three days before Christmas in 2014, Deante Smith, 25, a player with the semi-pro football team Michigan Lightning, openly praised God in a Facebook video because he felt the “fire” of God’s Spirit and called the church a place where men “don’t cheat on our women.”

“I’m just trying to get higher so I’m steady climbing up on God because the more I get of him the harder it is for you to pull me down. That’s the true wisdom behind it,” said Smith in the video.

“That’s why you got a majority of the people say if you scared, go to church. But no, the truth is if you ain’t scared come to the church because that’s where the real men at. That’s why we don’t cheat on our women. That’s why we raise our kids. That’s why we correct our sons. We ain’t teaching them to shoot, gangbang and do stuff that had us crying,” he said.

On Sunday, however, Smith was shot dead inside the City of God Church in Detroit, Michigan, by his pastor who was allegedly having an affair with his wife.

It was at this church, says his family, that Smith got the “Holy Ghost” as a teenager and made a complete “360,” beginning a years-long commitment to God.

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source: TheChristianPost.com

Christian Football Player Shot Dead by Pastor Who Allegedly Got His Wife Pregnant  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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