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GOP get-together: The third Republican debate is tonight, and this time — thanks to his uptick in the polls — it’s Ben Carson starring as the man in the middle. How will Donald Trump handle not being the top dog? (Here’s a prediction: not well.) Jeb Bush — sick of shedding money, staff and polling position — promises no more Mr. Nice Guy. Will voters go for it? And just what the heck’s happened to Carly Fiorina since the last debate? She’s back down to low single digits in the polls. At any rate, don’t be surprised to hear from the Democratic frontrunner tonight. Hillary Clinton plans to air four new TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire during the debate. Consider that her debate rebuttal.

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Arrest aftermath: Deputy Ben Fields may find out today if he’ll keep his job. The South Carolina school resource officer has been suspended without pay since a video surfaced of him yanking a student out of a chair and slamming her to the ground during an arrest. His boss said the video made him want to vomit. Federal investigators have gotten involved. And social media is ablaze with both support and scorn for the officer.


Too hot: Are parts of the Middle East becoming too hot to handle? Not in terms of political unrest or war, but in terms of climate change. A study from Loyola Marymount University and MIT says climate change would leave major cities in the Persian Gulf region unfit for human survival, because the temperatures during the summer will simply be too hot. The study says the unsurvivable threshold could be reach as soon as 2100.

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