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Jihadi John


Losing face: “Jihadi John,” ISIS’ jeering, sadistic masked mouthpiece, may finally be Jihadi gone. U.S. officials are pretty confident they popped him during an airstrike in Raqqa, Syria, last night. But they’re couching their words carefully. America really wanted to get this guy. He’s the one who played a starring role in all those gut-wrenching beheading videos where, dressed head-to-toe in black and holding a knife, he taunted the West and then took part in the slaughter of aid workers and journalists.


The untouchable: Prosecutors thought they had a solid case against Vincent Asaro, the aging, alleged ex-mob boss accused of carrying out the ’78 Lufthansa heist. For crying out loud, there were recordings of him talking about the biggest bank robbery in New York history (immortalized in “Goodfellas”). But either the jury didn’t buy it, or it didn’t like the “accomplished liars” – as the defense put it — the prosecution relied on. Asaro walked away a free man yesterday. The prosecution was left picking its jaw up off the floor.


Not an either/or scenario: Does being gay disqualify you from being a good parent? It doesn’t. But tell that to a Utah judge who’s ordered a 1-year-old girl taken away from her same-sex foster parents. He wants her in a “more traditional” home. The couple’s hurt and angry. Even the governor is PO’d, telling the judge he’s got to follow the law. The judge won’t back down. This is the first serious challenge to same-sex adoption rights since the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling last summer.

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source: CNN.com

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