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The past few years have been pretty hard on Bishop Eddie Long.

So much so that he confessed to things taking such a toll on him that he once considered taking his own life.

Long opened up about his struggle in “The Power of God’s Love,” an emotional YouTube video that found him revealing to his congregation that he contemplated suicide at one point in his life. While Long didn’t go into specifically what led him down that path, media sources note that it may have likely pertained to the sexual allegations his “spiritual sons” made against him back in 2010.

In the YouTube video, Long cited a time when he “was being condemned from the four corners of the earth, I had a moment when I wanted to kill myself and was ready.”

Ultimately, Long emerged from his suicide mindstate through the love he received from his congregation.

“What kept me was not a scripture. What kept me was that every time I showed up here, you were here,” Long stated, while thanking the folks who stood beside him during his time of need.

“And you didn’t judge me,” said the religious leader. “There are folk here who know what I mean, that you’re alive because somebody loved you. They didn’t give you a sermon, they didn’t question you, they didn’t call you before a council.”

As the video continued, Long touched on the impact of social media as he slammed those who use the platform to “kill one another.”

“We have no right or justification to kill one another on social media, especially when you don’t know,” Long said. “And if we’re going to be saints, if we’re really going to move into the things God has, let’s love one another.”

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