The New American Standard Bible Open To Matthew 5:8, The Sermon On The Mount (The Beatitudes)

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This week’s topic: The Holy Spirit

Having five siblings can teach you a lot of life lessons. Among those lessons is the practice of hovering. At this point in my life I consider myself a professional “hoverer”. I can hover with the best of them. Let me explain the nature of a hoverer. A hoverer is one who waits in anticipation to take advantage of a great opportunity. All they need to proceed? They just need to hear a word. Friday nights in my household I became that person. Reluctant to cook after a long week, my mother would bring home take-out. As soon as she walked in the house, my hands were washed and I was ready. I was so close to the food I could breathe in its fresh aroma. I stood near her, just hovering, until I heard the word: “Go ahead. Dig in.”

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The Bible makes mention of another Hoverer. He might be considered the greatest Hoverer ever. One whose proverbial sandal I am not able to strap. He didn’t hover over food. He wasn’t trying to satisfy His appetite, just the unfolding plan of the Creator. And His situation wasn’t as highly aromatic as mine. In fact, here are a few phrases that describe His environment. Disorderly. Chaotic. Hopeless. Three excellent descriptions of the early appearance of the land mass we have come to know as Earth. There were no awe-inspiring mountains yet. There were no rushing rivers. More importantly, there was no ability to sustain human life. The Earth didn’t have a chance. Yet the Spirit of God was present. Hovering. He was merely waiting for the go-ahead from the Father.

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