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Jim Carrey and Kathy Griffin

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Part 2 of the Kathy Griffin story… up-date…we know that she apologized for her posing in a photo shoot with a facsimile of President Trump Decapitated head…Now Jim Carrey is defending her… Jim said “I think it is the job of a comedian to cross the line at all times–because that line is not real,” Carrey told Entertainment Tonight..”If you step out into that spotlight and you’re doing the crazy things that [Trump is] doing, we’re that last line of defense. And really, the comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing.. It’s impossible to get away from it.”

Despite her apology, the My Life on the D-List alum faced backlash and was fired from CNN, for which she hosted their New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper for the last decade. “For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in,” Anderson tweeted on Tuesday. “It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.

So…What do you think about Jim’s comments???



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